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on a federal corporations for -- president obama is briefed on preparations for hurricane sandy. tamara, -- tomorrow, bob beirsack looks at 2012 campaign fund-raising. >> it is a great source of information for the public. if you want to know anything about what is gone on with legislation, with policy, xi's van haslett coverage. i liked books tv. it is nice to see some of the people that you read about. kid does not offer commentary. it is just telling you the facts. you can make your own decision. the decisions are not being told it to you. people who want to be engaged in society and know what is going on. cockbo c-span, brought to you as a public-service. >> during this week's question time british prime minister cameron answered questions about lowering energy bills and allegations of child sex abuse by a former bbc presenter. the prime minister told that under his government voting by prisoners would not be allowed to vote. >> questions to the prime minister. number one mr. speaker, >> thank you mr. speaker. this morning i had meetings with minister and colleagues and others and
, senate and governor races around the country. next president obama is briefed about preparations for hurricane sandy. after that laura bush campaigns for mitt romney in michigan. then a discussion on early voting in the 2012 elections. >> you consider that a while ago no one wou a
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2